Monday, September 27, 2010

"I ResTOre mYseLf whEn i'M aLonE"

"i dOn'T mInD LiVinG iN a mAn'S wOrld,
aS LoNg aS i cAn be A wOmAn iN iT."

"i'M jUsT a sMaLL gIrL in a bIg wOrLd
tRyiNg tO fInD sOmEone tO Luv"

"iF i'D oBseRveD aLL dE rULes,
i'D nEveR hAve gOt aNywhEre"

"i bELievE eVerytHinG hAppeNs fOr a rEasOn
pEopLe cHangE, sO dAt u cAn LeaRn tO Let gO,
tHinGs gO wRonG, sO dAt  u
LeaRn tO aPpreaCiatE dEm
wEn dEy'rE rIte,
u bELievE LieS sO u eVentUallY tO
tRusT nO oNe bUt uRseLf,
aNd sOmEtImeS gOod tHingS faLL aPpart sO
beTter thIngS cAn faLL 2gEdeR."

"i'M vEry dEfInIteLy a wOmAn
n i enJoy iT"

"jUst hOpe 4 a LittLe peRfeCt"

Thanks for your reading love! =D

3 00 orang duk bersembang:

aku_tiewa said...

gapo dio gak pah,
dok jiwo2 nie..
hihi =)

❤.:abbeydawnz:.❤ said...

jiwo mn gak wa..
ak sero ak nga mg,jiwo mg ag...

.:sukasuki:. said...

dio pn jiwo jgk....
u'll find tat person...

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